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“My role was to warm him of tight turns where we needed to reduce speed,” says O’Neill of his position as co-pilot to a one-eyed driver. Fast forward a couple of years and Ray, along with his local surf buddies from the Macho Beach Noseriders Club, was ready for another adventure. They set their sights on the Baja 1000 — nevermind that none of them had ever really driven a race car. Orders are shipped within 1-2 business days and arrive within 3-10 business days. Bold lead, wasn’t hard but the face is steep and there is no gear in sight from below.

The cab driver was going to leave us and asked when to return. Our lives were fully in his hands, there was no getting out of there on our own so as he was leaving I asked if he had a lighter we could borrow just in case. The desert nights in late december are very cold and a lighter could mean survival if the driver didn’t return for some reason. Muhammad recommended Goldfinger as a good intro climb for our level. We had a great time on it and was a good intro to climbing here on this rock and in this environment. I was basically told that in the past year diplomatic relations became a bit worse.

Seeing a classic national monument, the stoic hero atop his horse in Plaza Italia, which has been the hub for the class riots, instantly piqued my interest. So I jumped at the chance to come back to Patagonia this February to climb the peak along with her, Rick Ridgeway, and a film crew led by Jimmy Chin.

See our list of forfeits and vacated games for more details. We have tools and resources that can help you use sports data. We don’t have much information about He’s past relationship and any previous engaged. Join Outside+ to get Outside magazine, access to exclusive content, 1,000s of training plans, and more. By joining TV Guide, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. Special thank you to theCureblindness.org staff for the providing this transformational procedure.


Today, he has climbed grades as hard as 5.13, led an all-disabled ascent of El Capitan and introduced scores of fellow disabled athletes to the joy of climbing. Brother’s wild is a documentary about rock climbing that takes place in El Capitan and Ruth Gorge. It was directed by Peter Mortimer in 2009 and produced by Sender Films.

  • Outside of his athletic achievements, Timmy is always giving back.
  • Masters of stone V – Five is a documentary about rock climbing that takes place in Indian Creek and Crackhouse.
  • Now, he’s a seasoned Patagonia-sponsored climber with a lengthy and impressive resume that includes setting world speed climbing records in Yosemite, and first ascents around the world in Venezuela, Patagonia, Pakistan and Greenland.
  • I traded the sterile isolation of the intensive care unit in Chile for the less severe, yet collective quarantine of the Bay Area.
  • The infrastructure in the major cities is severely lacking and further afield it simply doesn’t exist.

She has helped me take ego out of a sport that as a minority member in this community can be difficult at times to grapple with and helped me to focus on what I want to accomplish and nothing else. Above all, she inspires and pushes me to succeed with support and carefully thought out instruction in the many facets of climbing that she excels at. Sometimes it seems the only certainty is death, so if things feel uncertain it must mean that you’re still alive. I would feign indignation and inform the beleaguered tech that, “Soy un adulto,” ironically since I was acting like a chid. When I signed the paperwork, I was told there would be repercussions, and I didn’t think they were kidding. I could imagine myself struggling against a straight jacket as I was trying to break out of my prison cell, hospital room 712. I was often in a distant mood, a twilight where I was simultaneously okay and on the verge of dying.

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It features Rob Pizem, Alex Honnold, Nick Martino, Steph Davis, Steve ‘Crusher’ Bartlett, Chip Wilson and others. The train goes by, its super loud, shakes the ground, and when you are cruxing out it can add some extra spice to the ordeal. Five times a day, like in many Muslim nations, the community gathers for prayer at the mosque. The prayers are broadcast over megaphone and echo throughout the desert and valleys.

timmy o neill

Forget the “gnarly man vs. gnarly mountain” approach to climbing shows. Prepare yourself for stomach cramps and watery eyes as climber, comedian, and “Urban Ape” Timmy O’Neill gives his own Monty Python-inspired approach to a major climbing expedition. Abby began her career as an outdoor educator as an undergraduate in 1994. She has taught for Cornell Outdoor Education, Hurricane Island Outward Bound, College of the Atlantic, and served as the director of Colgate University’s Outdoor Education program. Abby is co-chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee for the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education and is passionate about reducing barriers for outdoor engagement for diverse populations.

Elad sounded pretty upset when he heard we were turned away. Turns out he has been climbing there since the early days of traditional and bolt climbing development in Rum. He was pretty upset at the new border rules and told us it was a pretty recent change and that it had really been hurting the businesses of the climbing community in Rum. I guide human-powered skiing, exclusively, all-year round, which adds up to about 125-days on snow (or half-a-million vertical feet) annually. I live in southwest Colorado but am only home about a quarter of the year – otherwise I am in Chile, Canada, Asia or Iceland. I filmed with Sweetgrass Productions for four-years, appearing in Solitaire and Valhalla.

One of my most difficult and audacious climbing days was climbing three Grade VI big wall in Yosemite National Park in a 24 hour period. We started on the 2,000 ft northwest face of Half Dome, then a run over over to the east face of Mount Watkins, 2,000 ft then ran out to the road and drove down to El Capitan to climb the 3,000 ft Nose route. One of my best moments of community work is the release the 175 page, Paradox Sports Adaptive Climbing manual.

I’ve not verified this but was told that on a few occaisions Israeli tourists had died hiking in canyons and that the Israeli government caused Jordan some trouble in response. I’ve no idea what that means but essentially if at the time I was there if an Israeli wanted to go to Jordan they had to hire a government accredited tour guide.

I have tried to continually learn new skills and venture into different avenues of climbing from bouldering and sport climbing to alpine climbing and beyond. Tommy has pushed what it means to good at all mediums of climbing and his dedication to his breadth of skill is inspiring. He also seems like a genuine and honest human and that’s important to me. He provided the resources to help me get on the rock and take me outside.

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This news was beyond welcome, fore in a country of over 12 million, with only three eye surgeons all located in the capital Juba, the chance of any help arriving up until this point was zero. For me, he changed the way we approach alpine climbing objectives and encouraged focusing on the entire experience of the climb, not just reaching a summit by any means possible. He has been a major in influence on making my own climbing pursuits a richer and more fulfilling endeavor. First, I always remember when things go wrong while guiding, and everything I do to face the adversity while ensuring my clients are clueless to the mishap.

One late night while reading, after all were fast asleep, I answered a knock at the compound door to reveal Gotshalk, a tired and hunched clinician, softly petitioning for Dr Jill. She rose at the first call of her name and then walked across the quiet compound towards the canvas walled ward, where each bed is shrouded with a mosquito net. When she returned thirty minutes later, I was still awake and I quietly asked, “How was everything? ” to which she replied, “One of our elderly timmy o neill patients who has been very ill was expected to die tonight and she did.” And with an audible exhalation punctuated by the words, “See you tomorrow” she turned in. Jill’s committed caregiving in this forgotten outpost made me understand that dignity is required as much for the dying as it is for the living. I fell 120 ft off a mountain once, and I think it was the worst and best thing to ever happen to me. I was guiding three of my advanced students up the Eaglet in NH.

My old friend Matt because teaching skiing is the only job he’s ever had, he’s a total lifer and though he’s a big dude on skis he’s Fred Astaire. Athletically, I really draw my inspiration from the true watermen of surfing. These guys know their environment like the fish and are extremely versatile in the way the move through it. Culturally, Anthony Bourdain’s curiousity about the world and non-pretentious way of approaching it is admirable. I sent one student down the rappel first with saddle bagged ropes and a huge grin. I had worked with this group all fall as they developed into competent climbers. It was a perfect moment in recognition and reflection of the reality that they were ready to climb independently and seek their own adventures.

Timmy’s vitality and zest for life continues to inspire others as he pushes on to live a life of meaning. I know that for me, climbing isn’t about of course being close to death, it’s just to celebrate life.

Jackson Hole waits for you-with live music, skiing, fresh mountain air and savings for your wallet. A couple of days ago, I showered, shaved and put on this Paradox Sports t-shirt and I felt like I fit into my body again, as if I suddenly landed back inside myself. Each day I recover physically allows more time and space for the mental and emotional healing, to accept my new abnormal, and move forward. I flashed back to this scene from my hospital room as thousands of protestors gathered for the International Women’s Day march. It struck me how quickly you can go from being super capable to super fucked. I didn’t feel as if something happened to me that I didn’t deserve. It was more like something happened to me that I didn’t expect.

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An hour later he was in a nearby regional hospital, and the next afternoon airlifted to Santiago, where he battled through weeks of physical and emotional anguish before returning to the States. For this we needed to get a cab ride out to the route which we assumed https://xero-accounting.net/ would be like a 20 minute drive through the desert but ended up being an hour long drive through the desert sands and cliffs. In the end we never found the climb, but we didn’t really care. It was a wild adventure, some of the canyon scrambling was pretty sketch.

  • Most of all, however, Tim was a family man who cherished his time with his wife, Kate, his children and adoring grandchildren.
  • She has helped me take ego out of a sport that as a minority member in this community can be difficult at times to grapple with and helped me to focus on what I want to accomplish and nothing else.
  • Sitting on a chairlift with a co-worker and a guest I did not know, I stated that I was a ski instructor.
  • ” to which she replied, “One of our elderly patients who has been very ill was expected to die tonight and she did.” And with an audible exhalation punctuated by the words, “See you tomorrow” she turned in.

There were often a child leading an elderly blind family member with the aid of mutually held staff. The beauty of these interventions is that you not only free the blind individual but also the ones caring for them. In the end we would depart knowing that we could always do more, as this was both the tip of the iceberg in regard to the need, and the tip of the spear as it pertained to trailblazing high-volume care. Sitting on a chairlift with a co-worker and a guest I did not know, I stated that I was a ski instructor. My co-worker, Doug Lunberg, who is older, but had fewer certifications / accolades to his credit, stated, “Donny, you may be a ski instructor; but I am a people instructor.” He didn’t mean this as a slight and I didn’t take it that way. It is our guest who should be the center of our attention.

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While the motivation might have been similar to that which has been driving him up rock faces for three decades, it was precisely the dissimilarity between climbing and long distance off-road racing that proved most profound for O’Neill. In February, my friend Timmy O’Neill suffered a terrible stroke while on a climbing trip in Patagonia.

timmy o neill

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We returned from the peak and I headed down to the main lodge where we were staying. I was finishing a set of twenty pushups when I felt a sudden burning within the back of my head. It felt like my brain stem was being dipped in hydrochloric acid. Within an instant, the pain was spreading across the surface of my brain.

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The prayers are sung in a beautiful way and calm the nerves when things are getting spooky. I recall a few occasions, being on lead, getting far above my pro on potentially unstable rock, with not much in sight then all of a sudden this calming sound would echo through the valley, the feeling of these moments is indescribable. A few days after arriving in Tel Aviv we bussed down to Eilat, the southernmost point of Israel that borders Egypt and Jordan on the Red Sea. Ilana had some family living there which we had a great time staying with before heading to the Jordan border the next morning. At the crossing we showed our passports, having used my Israeli passport to enter Israel I instinctively used that passport not knowing it would lead to me being denied entry. Ourcureblindness.orgcataract interventions are filled with patients traveling long distances, often walking multiple days, spurred on by the possibility of being cured. This was the first eye health campaign in the region, and the largest ever in the country, and each morning we would walk outside the clinic compound and encounter masses of the newly arrived.

Our imminent 2013 campaign was thwarted and following an armistice in late 2018 we made the call to return. The infrastructure in the major cities is severely lacking and further afield it simply doesn’t exist. And due to major influxes of internally displaced persons as well as refugees from neighboring countries, the populace of Old Fangak originally 5,000 increased to over 65,000, adding further stress on an already maxed system. Secondly, I always remember the feelings I get from watching a client become comfortable in a situation that is normally beyond their comfort. The moments where as a guide I get to see individuals face their fears and become a better version of themselves as they overcome them. My Right Foot follows 22 year-old world-renowned British climber Leo Houlding around the globe for nearly a year as he struggles to recover from a serious accident and reach the top level of his sport again.